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Prepare the sweetest rose for your loved one this Valentine’s Day

Prepare the sweetest rose for your loved one this Valentine’s Day

Who doesn’t love to be surprised with flowers? No matter which age group the person is and whether you’re buying for someone special, your parents, your bestie or even yourself. A little bouquet is always more than welcome. With Valentine’s day being around the corner, it gives you a valid reason to gift the special one a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers.


Unless you have something in mind what flowers to present, otherwise roses are always the best choice to order for Valentine’s day celebration. Roses symbolize beauty and love. It is believed that different colors and numbers of roses have different distinct meaning. Have an insight of each significance in this blog before you order your bouquet.


Meaning of Roses

Red rose is a symbol of deep love, romantic feelings and desire, conveys very strong and passionate emotions that make them a perfect choice for couples, undeniable the most popular flower choice in Valentine’s day.


Rose Colors and Symbolism

Pink rose signifies admiration and also send a message of appreciation. Can be a perfect gift for your mom, sister and close friend.

Yellow rose, with its bright and cheerful hues, known as symbols of friendship. It is given to celebrate the love between two good friends.

Lavender rose, an extraordinary and rare hue, often used to convey feelings of adoration and love. It is ideal to express sincere appreciation and love for someone.


Rose Stems and Symbolism

12 Roses – this is a way to ask someone to be yours

24 Roses – to communicate that the person’s always on your mind

36 Roses – a unique way to remind your partner of all the romantic moments shared together

99 Roses – by gifting 99 roses you can communicate that you’ll love the person till you die.

100 Roses – this is a gesture of commitment and supreme devotion.

Now that you know the symbolism of roses, you can select and send a bouquet that expresses exactly the sentiment you are going for. We do deliver locally, order online or in-store early to make a pleasant surprise to the special one this occasion.