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5 Essential Tips To Keeping Flowers Healthy

5 Essential Tips To Keeping Flowers Healthy

Fresh flowers always bring beauty and joy to people, whether they are placed at home or presented as gifts. However, if not properly treated, the lifespan of flowers can be shortened, or even wilted very quickly. Read on to learn 5 essential tips to keep flowers healthy and beautiful.

5 Essential Tips To Keeping Flowers Healthy

Choose the right vase

Choosing the right vase is crucial. The vase should be large enough to give the flowers enough space to grow and bloom. In addition, the shape and style of the vase should match the shape and color of the flowers to better highlight their beauty.


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Pruning and trimming

It is important to remove any dead leaves or branches on the stems and petals. These withered parts will consume the nutrients of the flowers, affecting their lifespan. At the same time, regular pruning of the stems should be done to maintain the flowers’ length and shape.


Proper light and temperature

Fresh flowers are very sensitive to light and temperature. Therefore, when placing flowers, choose a shady area to avoid the flowers from direct exposure to sunlight. Also, avoid placing the flowers in environments that are too humid or too dry. It is recommended that the best temperature is between 15-20°C.

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Adequate watering

Flowers need adequate water to grow healthily. When caring for flowers, you should water them regularly, but not excessively. Excessive water can cause root to rot and affect the growth of flowers. At the same time, avoid under-watering, as this can cause the flowers to wilt. If the weather is hot, watering frequency may need to be increased.

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Use appropriate nutrients

Flowers need appropriate nutrients to stay healthy. You can add some flower nutrients when watering to provide the necessary vitamins to the flowers. However, be careful not to add too much, as it may harm the flowers.

We hope these tips will help your flowers survive through the hot summer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our florist. We will be more than happy to share information with you.